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Why Choose Equimetrics?

U.S. companies annually spend approximately $8 billion annually on diversity training, yet how do they know whether this investment is successful?

With Equimetrics, an organization gains critical, direct data-driven insight about its diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) culture and performance that would otherwise be inaccessible and unavailable to guide subsequent improvement efforts.

Equimetrics allows senior leaders to engage in fact-based dialogue with their organization’s stakeholders around their DE&I efforts in ways leading to greater insight into their organizational culture.

The data-driven objectivity and specificity of Equimetrics prompts more efficient and effective leadership dialogue and prioritized initiatives toward a more inclusive, high-performing workplace. Fewer wasted resources; greater positive results!

What Does Equimetrics Do?

Equimetrics applies modern, advanced analytics enabling organizations to measure their DE&I cultural baseline and monitor their progress toward DE&I strategic objectives.

With Equimetrics, clients can see precisely how and where their DE&I efforts are aligned with their goals, strategies, mission and values.

Equimetrics provides clear indicators on where and how to improve DE&I culture, and delivers follow-up assessments for organizations to measure their progress.




Increased Innovation


Better Understanding Of Customers


Financially Outperform The Competition

Why is DE&I Important?

5 Key Reasons for Improving Your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Consider the following five reasons your organization should enhance its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts.

1. Diverse Teams Create Enriched Decision-Making

Team diversity fosters innovation and creativity by providing a greater variety of problem-solving approaches, viewpoints and ideas. By adding diverse members to your team, you add fresh perspectives based on their varying life experiences. Learn More

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2. Improved Innovation & Customer/Community Insights

Having a more diverse workforce leads to improved innovation, productivity and bottom-line performance and instills stronger employee job satisfaction. Learn More

3. Enhanced Talent Recruitment & Retention Processes

Strengthening an organization’s human capital is a top issue for organizations seeking to remain competitive and relevant. It makes good business sense to broaden and diversify your talent sourcing pool.  Learn More

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4. Increased Employee Satisfaction that Boosts the Bottom Line

Having a more diverse workforce leads to improved innovation, productivity and bottom-line performance and instills stronger employee job satisfaction. Learn More

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5. Strengthened Employer Brand Reflected Throughout Community

The most highly skilled, in-demand employees can afford to be selective when choosing an employer. Organizations aspiring to be an “employer of choice” and gaining a competitive advantage via talent quality should consider how their DE&I is affecting their employer brand. Learn More

Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 33% more likely to financially outperform the median companies in their industry, and companies in the top quartile for gender diversity are 21% more likely to have financial returns above the median.

Equimetrics and Omotenashi

Equimetrics allows clients to see precisely how and where their DE&I efforts are working and “around the corner” insights to anticipate employees’ future needs and interests.

It’s an approach based partly on the highly regarded Japanese hospitality practice of omotenashi, which involves anticipating and fulfilling guests’ needs in advance.

DE&I initiatives are similarly about having a person-first view. Our omotenashi commitment to you means anticipating and delivering on your unique DE&I needs.

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Read More About DE&I

The issues, techniques and best practices surrounding Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are complex and sometimes daunting.

We’ve created printable PDFs explaining the importance of DE&I, and why Equimetrics rapidly delivers the data and insights your organization needs to effect real, long-lasting DE&I cultural improvements – and correspondingly superior performance results.  

As a bonus, you can download the PDF version of this recent article in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, describing the work that Equimetrics does, and citing recent successes with the Dunwoody Technical College.

However, while we believe you will find great value in these documents, by no means do we believe that they can address your every concern.

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Read This:Star-Tribune article about Equimetrics

This article describes the Equimetrics process, as well as a recent success story from Dunwoody Technical College.